Play list for Rockabilly Mini Programme

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The Rock & Roll Trio       Rockabilly Boogie                           Mca Mcl 1504  (Vinyl LP)
Buddy Holly                     Changing All Those Changes          Mca Mcl 1504  (Vinyl LP)
Elvis Presley                      I’m Gonna Sit Right Down & Cry           RCA Nd 89046 (CD)
George Hamilton IV         If You Don’t Know                         MCA MCL 1504  (Vinyl LP)
Hayden Thompson            Love My Baby                                 Bluelight Records BLR 331449  (CD)
The Rimshots                    Salty Boogie                                    BCRCD 0001  (J. Lewis 029 2030 6506)
Wanda Jackson                 Honey Bop                                       Capitol Classics CDEMS 1456  (CD)